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My interview with the lovely and talented author Kaytalin Platt about ENANTIODROMIA and other subjects

ENANTIODROMIA - collected stories ... is NOW available for order on Amazon!

Amazon link: (ebook on sale for jut $.99; $4.99 paperback)

The DECEPTION! Writing Bloc Anthology is now available from Amazon! Deception features Mike X Welch's 2nd published story 'You Might Get It', PLUS features the debut of his wife, Aly Welch, with her tale 'Alpha' kicking off the entire anthology!

Don't forget to check out Writing Bloc's inaugural anthology Escape! which features Mike X Welch's first published work, the short story 'Convict 45.' 


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Reviews + Accolades  ENANTIODROMIA 4/5 Star Review

"...[Turning of the Bones] is a beautiful story of loss and tradition..."


WellWorthARead:  ENANTIODROMIA 5/5 Star Review

"...a most satisfying collection..."

---------- Reader review:  ENANTIODROMIA 5/5 Star Review

"...thoughtful and well-written..."

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Events and Appearances

2/25/20 - Speaking at Niagara Wheatfield Edward Town Middle School, 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th periods, Mrs. Bubar's Writing class


Columbus, OH - Memorial Day 2020

5/24, 5/25/20 - The Book Loft (Columbus, OH), part of a Writing Bloc author event there, where a HUGE number of us will be reading, selling our books, signing copies of Writing Bloc anthologies, etc! The Book Loft, in the Germantown section of downtown Columbus, is the largest indie book store East of the Mississippi!


At my Alma Mater, Wilson (NY) Central School

About Mike X Welch

Mike X Welch was born in Wilson, NY, and started writing fantastical fiction as soon as he could hold a crayon. After 25 years living west of the Mississippi, he resides in Newfane, NY with his wife, the author/actress/educator Aly Welch and their twin boys Dieter & Xander. Mike's adult daughter Alex works in the gaming industry and resides near Seattle, WA. Mike pays his bills by providing IT Support to happy customers. His dream has always been to be a writer. He is currently at work on two major projects: An unnamed collection of Hard-Sci-Fi short stories, and his first novel The Vampire and the Dragon (PrOOF Vol. 1). He is a proud member of the Writing Bloc indie collective and has contributed short stories to both of their anthologies thus far: 'Convict 45' in the Escape! anthology (1/1/19) and 'You Might Get It' to the Deception! anthology (10/31/19). On 1/31/20, ENANTIODROMIA - a collection of his horror short stories became available via Amazon.

Mike X Welch's writing appears in:

Writing Bloc's 1st anthology: ESCAPE!

(short story:  Convict 45)

Writing Bloc's 2nd anthology: DECEPTION!

(short story: You Might Get It)

Abomination Media's Hell Hour anthology

(short story: The First and Last Drink of Ilona Odd)