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Mike X Welch was born in Wilson, NY, and started writing fantastical fiction as soon as he could hold a crayon. After 25 years living west of the Mississippi, he resides in Newfane, NY with his wife, the author/actress Aly Welch and their twin boys Dieter & Xander. Mike's adult daughter Alex resides near Seattle, WA. Mike pays his bills by providing IT Support to happy customers. His dream has always been to be a writer. He published his debut short story collection - ENANTIODROMIA, in early 2020. He has recently completed work curating the Passageways Anthology (9 Tales. 9 Unique Literary Worlds) for Writing Bloc. Welch is currently expanding the lead story from ENANTIODROMIA, titled Turning of the Bones, into a novel length work. He is a proud member of the Writing Bloc indie collective ( and has contributed short stories to their anthologies: 'Convict 45' to the Escape! anthology (1/1/19) and 'You Might Get It' to the Deception! anthology (10/31/19).
Turning of the Bones
ENANTIODROMIA: collected stories
Writing Bloc - ESCAPE Anthology
Writing Bloc - DECEPTION Anthology
Abomination Media's Hell Hour Anthology

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