Mike X Welch has been hard at work curating the first edition of the PASSAGEWAYS anthology, which will be published in December 2020 by Writing Bloc! The brainchild of Welch, this anthology features 9 short stories from 9 individual authors, all set in the literary universes that they created! Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror comingle to form one of the most dynamic anthologies in recent memory. Come step through the threshold into 9 Tales, 9 Unique Literary Worlds!

The second edition of ENANTIODROMIA: collected stories has been released $4.99 paperback or .99 cent ebook!

Author Mike X Welch reads ENANTIODROMIA live on FB - cached videos:


Author Kaytalin Platt interviews Mike X Welch

Reviews of ENANTIODROMIA: collected stories

Kaytalin Platt Reviews ENANTIODROMIA

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"...Turning of The Bones is written so eloquently that I questioned whether the author was of Madagascan heritage himself."

"There are five stories in the collection, all of them fantastic, all of them recommended."

HorrorDNA.com:  ENANTIODROMIA 4/5 Star Review

"...[Turning of the Bones] is a beautiful story of loss and tradition..."

"...ENANTIODROMIA is a read with many highlights, featuring a great blend of horror, dark sense of humour and cleverly selected stories. Recommended."

WellWorthARead:  ENANTIODROMIA (1st ed.) 5/5 Star Review

"...a most satisfying collection..."

Amazon.com Reader review: ENANTIODROMIA 5/5 Star Review

"...thoughtful and well-written..."


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