The second edition of ENANTIODROMIA: collected stories has been released $4.99 paperback or .99 cent ebook!

Author Mike X Welch reads ENANTIODROMIA live on FB - cached videos:


Author Kaytalin Platt interviews Mike X Welch

Reviews of ENANTIODROMIA: collected stories


"...Turning of The Bones is written so eloquently that I questioned whether the author was of Madagascan heritage himself."

"There are five stories in the collection, all of them fantastic, all of them recommended."  ENANTIODROMIA 4/5 Star Review

"...[Turning of the Bones] is a beautiful story of loss and tradition..."

"...ENANTIODROMIA is a read with many highlights, featuring a great blend of horror, dark sense of humour and cleverly selected stories. Recommended."

WellWorthARead:  ENANTIODROMIA (1st ed.) 5/5 Star Review

"...a most satisfying collection..." Reader review: ENANTIODROMIA 5/5 Star Review

"...thoughtful and well-written..."


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